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Use of Evusheld® for pre-exposure prophylaxis of Covid-19

For pre-exposure prophylaxis with monoclonal antibodies of severe forms of Covid-19 in the most vulnerable patients who do not or poorly respond to vaccination, at a time of almost exclusive circulation of Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 against which therapeutic options are dwindling, the HCSP issues the following conditional recommendations, pending more robust clinical data:

  • in patients with an indication of Evusheld® and receiving a first dose: administering one dose of 600mg (300mg tixagevimab/300mg cilgavimab),
  • in patients who previously received an injection of Evusheld® : administering a second dose of 300 mg (150 mg tixagevimab/150 mg cilgavimab) whenever possible and as soon as possible,
  • Facilitating the enrolment of patients treated with Evusheld® in observational cohorts and analyse the available data from these cohorts as appropriate,
  • monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions as part of the enhanced surveillance of this drug.

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