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Controlling the risk associated with lead in the outdoor environment

The HCSP issues recommendations for the prevention of lead poisoning in the general population. In all age groups, the health effects of lead can be observed even at low blood lead levels.

The HCSP recalls that children under 7 years of age are the target population for screening for environmental overexposure to lead. It emphasizes that the main mode of exposure to lead, apart from food, is currently the ingestion of dust from soil and surfaces. It recommends that people concerned about the effects of lead on their health or that of their children should consult their doctor or specialists at occupational and environmental pathology units or poison control centres, for advice on appropriate treatment and/or prevention.

The HCSP sets out recommendations for characterizing lead contamination of indoor spaces, loose soil and outdoor dust. It recommends lowering the regulatory threshold for controlling residual lead post-abatement in lead-contaminated building sites. It recommends banning the use of lead sheet in new buildings and identifying, in a regularly updated positive list, the uses of lead sheet that are still authorized for the repair or rehabilitation of old buildings.

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