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Statement on the medical care provided for and the monitoring of new-borns and infants having been exposed to the Zika virus in utero or present

Date du document : 21/12/2017

Date de mise en ligne : 02/08/2018

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Care provided to and monitoring of children having been exposed to the Zika virus in utero or presenting a congenital infection with this virus: the High Council for Public Health (Haut Conseil de la santé publique, HCSP) completes its report of 21 March 2016.

Taking into account the updating of epidemiology, better knowledge of the congenital Zika virus infection syndrome, the possibility of late onset of disorders in children and the difficulty of interpreting biological data during infection by this virus, it renews the definition of different circumstances of infection by this virus in mothers and newborns.

Through various tables, the HCSP presents the initial assessment as well as the monitoring that must occur for each child according to the circumstances observed: newborn, with confirmed or probable congenital infection, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic; newborn, with possible congenital infection. Actions to be taken regarding children suspected of being congenitally infected outside of the neonatal period are also recommended.

An algorithm, in an annex to the statement, summarises the steps to be taken to care for a child whose mother has been or may have been exposed to the Zika virus during pregnancy.

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