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Statement on the assessment of the health strategy for persons placed under judicial control (PPJC

On referral from the Ministry of Health regarding the new health strategy for persons placed under judicial control (PPJC) April 2017, the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) suggests guidelines to accompany the evaluation process of this strategy. Finally 48 proposals are formulated concerning the actions to be defined for each axis, the follow-up of the actions, the governance, the reduction of social and territorial inequalities of health, and the conditions for assessment. For example, in order to determine the health needs of PPJC, descriptive surveys on the health of persons in detention should be conducted; the Health Survey on Youth under the Judicial Protection (YJP) should be renewed. The health of prison staff should also be better monitored. For the health promotion axis, the HCSP proposes to continue the program devoted to YJP, by promoting its dissemination to education units, and the participation of both young people and professionals. Health promotion should be extended to staff. Health screening and identification offers at the admission should be continued during incarceration. Regarding access to care for detained individuals, the HCSP suggests monitoring the rate of psychiatric hospital admissions and that of hospital admissions for suicide attempts, as well as the number of prisons that have defined a specific care pathway for mental health, HIV infections, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmitted diseases, and dental care.

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