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Statement concerning the management of new situations of exposure to extreme heatwaves - general recommendations

In a referral dated April 1, 2020, the DGS asked the HCSP to provide concrete elements to assist decision-making when a measure restricting activities is being considered in the event of a "red" heatwave. The request concerns in particular the following populations or situations: children; workers; populations taking part in sports, festive or cultural events; and populations living in slum.

The HCSP issued an opinion on April 28, 2020 on a draft decision-support sheet "Closing primary schools" during a red heatwave alert.

The HCSP proposes here 10 recommendations common to the different populations, activities and places of living targeted in the referral. Specific complementary opinions will follow in 2021, in which these general recommendations will be specified and expanded. A full report covering the entire process will be published at the end of 2021-beginning of 2022.

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