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Strategy for the State’s stock of masks and personal protective equipment

Strategy for the State’s stock of masks and personal protective equipment

As part of the review of the State’s response to an influenza pandemic, linked to the transmission of a highly infectious respiratory agent, and taking into account modelling, as well as the evolution of knowledge on the effectiveness of different types of masks in the context of an influenza epidemic or pandemic, the French High Council for Public Health (HCSP) has been tasked with :

  • Propose indications for wearing different means of respiratory protection according to the personal, professional and environmental situations that can be envisaged (patients, health professionals, employees, the public);
  • Define the type(s) of mask (FFP2, surgical masks, etc.) and personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Issue recommendations for determining the size of these stocks, based on the target populations, the duration of wear, the dynamics of an influenza pandemic or other epidemic situation justifying barrier measures, and production capacities.

This advice is limited to respiratory infectious agents and medical devices or PPE, including masks, to be included in a State stockpile. It does not deal with strategies for managing these stocks once they have been built up.

It complements the HCSP opinion of 1 July 2011, whose recommendations remain largely valid.

In total, the HCSP issues recommendations on :

The masks and other PPE to be retained, with the sizing of the necessary quantities, the production, supply and rotation capacity of the State stockpile, the environmental conditions of storage, the proper use of the material during its use and the methods of disposal of the stockpile.

The target populations of the State stockpile, including the distribution of equipment, the adherence and ownership of the populations to the prevention measures, the duration of their implementation and the need to use the materials.

National recommendations from learned societies and other national bodies, requested by the HCSP for this referral, as well as a review of stockpiling strategy abroad are also presented in the appendix.

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