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Notice concerning the updating of prevention measures against the dengue virus to be applied to products derived from the human body in the Fren

Following an increase in the circulation of the dengue virus in the French West Indies, which has led to severe forms of the virus and deaths, particularly in Martinique, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) has referred the matter to the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) with a view to updating its opinions of the 14th of June 2019 and the 16th of January 2020 on preventive measures to be applied to products derived from the human body (labile blood products, organs, tissues and cells).

In particular, the question arose as to the consistency of the measures deployed for blood donations between Reunion Island, the French Indies and mainland France, taking into account the risk factors resulting from territorial specificities such as a history of infection by the Zika virus or the frequency of sickle cell disease.

The HCSP, after a review of the epidemiological situation of dengue in the territories concerned, carried out a detailed risk analysis.

It recommends:

  • for donations of labile blood products (PSL):
    • the implementation of viral genomic screening (VGS) for dengue on all donations collected in Guadeloupe and Martinique, according to the same modalities as those currently in place in Reunion Island. The blood products are placed in quarantine while waiting for the results of the VGS, with the exception of platelet concentrates from apheresis or whole blood, which are systematically treated on site with the amotosalen and UVA association and delivered without waiting for the results of the screening;
    • a 28-day deferral period for blood donors returning from the French territories of America.
  • for the qualification of organ, tissue or cell donors who have travelled, stayed or lived in the French Indies, the continuation of the measures recommended in its opinion dated from the 14th of June 2019.

With regard to the criteria requiring the implementation of exceptional measures during an epidemic period, as indicated above, but also their cessation, the HCSP recommends entrusting their definition to a group of specialised experts.

These criteria will be taken into account in an update of this opinion.

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