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Statement on the National Health Strategy: Contribution of the French High Council for Public Health

The High Council for Public Health (Haut Conseil de la santé publique, HCSP) received a written request to analyse the state of health of the French population, its determinants, its strategies for action in order to determine the areas of focus and the objectives of the National Health Strategy (NHS).
The HCSP has identified:

  • Four issues to consider:
    • Sanitary risks related to the foreseeable increase in exposure to pollutants and toxic substances,
    • the increase of infectious risks in the population
    • the increased prevalence of chronic diseases and its consequences,
    • the adaptation of the health system to demographic, epidemiological and societal issues.
  • Four principles of action:
    • “one health” in all policies as an objective,
    • a resolute and active fight against territorial and social health inequalities,
    • a territorial approach to the National Health Strategy,
    • the need to involve users and citizens.
  • Five lines of action:
    • an ambitious and sustained prevention and health promotion policy,
    • five strategic directions for a health system adapted to the issues,
    • the development of health innovation,
    • the development and support for training and research in the public health sector,
    • a specific health policy targeting children and teenagers.

The HCSP recommends an approach focusing on health factors rather than on diseases. To improve governance, the HCSP recommends that a National Public Health Plan be developed and implemented.

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