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Covid-19 : pregnant women and work

Data on SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnant women remain very limited. By analogy with other respiratory viruses, pregnancy could be a risk factor for severe forms of disease, particularly in the 3rd trimester, or at any stage of pregnancy when associated with comorbidities.

As a consequence, the HCSP recommends for working pregnant women :

Whatever the stage of pregnancy :

  • awareness of protective measures and compliance at the workplace;
  • the possibility, to continue working when working and transport conditions enable the application of protection measures
  • Continued monitoring of pregnancy according to the usual schedule;
  • promotion of influenza vaccination during pregnancy and its implementation during the influenza vaccination campaign.

For women at the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, or in case of comorbidity whatever the term of the pregnancy:

  • the strict application of protective measures following the example of what is recommended for people at risk of severe forms of Covid-19,  an assessment by the occupational physician of the compatibility of continuing to work with the protection of the pregnant woman’s health;
  • teleworking whenever possible; face-to-face work will only be considered if the working conditions allow it (compliance with physical distancing or individual office, adaptation of working hours, hygiene measures, etc.);

If it is impossible to comply with the measures set out above, an eviction must be pronounced.

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