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Covid-19: contact tracing and barrier measures for fully vaccinated persons

After taking into account epidemiological data, vaccination coverage rates, circulation of variants, and vaccine effectiveness values, the HCSP completes its letter of June 15, 2021 on the reduction of barrier measures for people who have received a full vaccination schedule and recommends in the current context:

Diagnostic and screening test (contact tracing)

  • Diagnostic testing in case of symptoms compatible with Covid-19, even for a person who has received a full vaccination schedule.
  • to perform a virological test (PCR or antigenic test) at Day 0 and Day 7 in case of contact with a known risk of Covid-19; isolation is not necessary but compliance with barrier measures if contacts within an outbreak are repeated is recommended. Testing is not required for other types of contact. However, all contact-tracing measures apply to an immunocompromised contact person regardless of vaccination status. Local measures may also be applied depending on the epidemiological situation (circulation of variants of concern in particular).

Wearing a mask

  • The obligation to wear a mask outdoors should be waived except in the case of frequentation of areas with a high density of people, where it is impossible to respect the distance between individuals and where there is prolonged contact (e.g. queuing, city centre with a large number of people, concert in a pit, etc.). In the case of very large gatherings (over 1,000 people), the obligation to wear a mask can only be waived if a "health pass" is held.
  • To maintain the obligation to wear a mask in Public Accesses Buildings (PAB) and in the workplace, as well as the application of other barrier measures. Masks must also be worn at large gatherings regardless of the vaccination status of the participants. The obligation to wear the mask indoors can be waived only in private family or friends settings if all participants have received a full vaccination schedule. However, the mask must be worn in the presence of severely immunocompromised persons or persons at risk of severe forms of Covid-19.
  • To lift the obligation to wear masks outdoors in schools (play areas, playgrounds, etc.); to maintain the wearing of masks in classrooms and closed environments of the school until the end of the school year.

All of these recommendations will be adapted according to the measures described in the decision-making matrix proposed by the HCSP in its statement of April 18, 2021.

Finally, the HCSP does not modify the recommendations contained in the above-mentioned letter concerning self-testing for screening, conditions of hospitalisation for people with Covid-19 and the threshold of vaccination coverage allowing the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission to be reduced.

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