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Securing human body products in the context of the occurrence of autochthonous dengue cases in the south of France

Date of online publication: 18/11/2022

The occurrence of an unusual number of outbreaks of autochthonous dengue fever in the south of France during the summer and autumn of 2022 has led the French High Council for Public Health (HSCP) to update its opinions and, in particular, to assess the relevance of adjusting the criteria for calling on the HCSP’s permanent cross-sectoral working group (WG) on the safety of human body parts and products (Secproch). While the actions to be taken as defined in the opinion of 18 November 2020 remain valid in 2022, the HCSP has modified the criteria indicated in the annex to this opinion. From now on, the situations where it is not useful to take the advice of the HCSP’s GT-Secproch concern:

  • isolated outbreaks of autochthonous dengue occurring in metropolitan France in one or more neighbouring municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.
  • isolated outbreaks occurring in municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants and with less than 4 sets of people living under the same roof.

With regard to the measures to be taken for organ, tissue and cell transplants, only outbreaks involving at least four groups of people living under the same roof in a municipality with more than 10,000 inhabitants will be the subject of specific recommendations by the WG-Secproch.

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