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Indications of non-pharmaceutical interventions to control the spread of transmissible infectious diseases

To limit the spread of infectious diseases, the Haut Conseil de la santé publique (French High Council for Public Health - HCSP) defines the main non-pharmaceutical interventions, i.e. those that apply when no effective medicines or vaccinations are available and/or exist.

These interventions include contact tracing and monitoring, taking persons out of collective settings or public places, and quarantine at home or in dedicated structures. They concern people who are asymptomatic, who have been in contact with infected persons, or who have been exposed to a risk of infection.

The HCSP indicates the elements to be taken into consideration for the implementation of these measures, particularly regarding quarantine. Impediments and factors that can help put them in place are specified. For the infectious agents referred to in the International Health Regulations, sheets detail the epidemiological characteristics to be taken into account and the interventions that should be given precedence depending on the agent.

From a legal and ethical point of view, the measures taken must strike a balance between the interest of society at large and individual rights, and comply with national laws and international treaties.

The HCSP recommends that the information provided to the public and contact persons be developed and disseminated based on professional expertise and that the different professionals working with contact persons be trained.

Sheets presenting the indications, implementation methods and obstacles and factors affecting the acceptability of each of the interventions complete the document.

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