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Temperature-taking to control access within the context of the Covid-19 epidemic

Within the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the HCSP is assessing the appropriateness of introducing temperature-taking to control access to public buildings, businesses and administrations, points of entry into French territory, aircraft departures and arrivals, medico-social institutions, detention centres, etc. Following an analysis of the available data, in particular epidemiological data and legislation, the HCSP recommends:

  • Avoiding the introduction of temperature-taking as a means of testing the population for Covid-19, in order to control access to institutions, sectors and means of transport;
  • Informing the population about the unreliability of systematic temperature measurement;
  • Reminding people of the importance of taking their own temperatures should they feel feverish, and more generally when they present any symptoms that may indicate Covid-19, before leaving their homes, entering their workplaces, visiting a resident in a residential home for the elderly or visiting a person at risk of developing a serious form of the virus at their home, entering health centres, prisons, public buildings, etc.;
  • Promoting self-monitoring, voluntary declarations and the consulting of doctors should symptoms indicating Covid-19 be present.
  • Developing factsheets designed for the general population and for specific audiences (in particular residential homes for the elderly, healthcare institutions, prisons, etc.);
  • Emphasising the concept of individual responsibility and the paramount importance of complying with the barrier measures

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