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Securing donations of human body products against dengue fever in the French West Indies, Reunion Island and Metropolitan France

With this statement, the French High Council for Public Health (HCSP) updates the prevention measures to be applied to human body products (HBC) in the context of dengue circulation in the French West Indies and on the island of Reunion. In addition, following the opinion of last November 28, it defines the criteria for starting and stopping specific prevention measures applied to HBCs in dengue epidemics in these territories. In view of the current dengue situation, the HCSP’s recommendations are as follows:

  • to lift the specific prevention measures in the French West Indies and to use the PSAGE system (Programme de surveillance d’alerte et de gestion des épidémies) to identify the beginning and end of outbreaks;
  • to maintain the current specific measures (notably viral genome diagnosis) on Reunion Island and use the ORSEC (Organisation de la réponse de sécurité civile) system to identify the start and end of outbreaks.

The Bulletin Quotidien des Alertes of Santé publique France will publish the epidemiological information necessary to update the appropriate measures by the concerned agencies (Etablissement Français du Sang, Centre de Transfusion de Santé des Armées and Agence de la Biomédecine).

Furthermore, the HCSP confirms for the 2021 season the measures recommended in the statement of November 28, 2020 for the management of autochthonous dengue and proposes to align the list of countries for which HBC donors are subject to a deferral measure for dengue with the one regularly published by the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Control); it also takes the opportunity to remove New Caledonia from the areas at risk for dengue.

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