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Opinion regarding the maintenance of combustion appliances and chimney sweeping

In accordance with article L. 1311-1 of the French Public Health Code, the HCSP has examined the draft decree on the maintenance of combustion appliances and chimney sweeping.

The HCSP questions the justification for changing the frequency of chimney sweeping for individual appliances from every 6 months at present to every 12 months in the draft decree.

The HCSP recommends that if an individual appliance is not going to be used for at least 12 months, the flue should be swept before this prolonged period of disuse, to ensure the safety of the installation and to prevent the spread of fire.

The professionals responsible for advising users on possible improvements to the heating installation must be trained to acquire the skills required to carry out this mission.

The decree, which sets out the technical specifications and maintenance procedures of the equipment, must specify the parameters that must be measured during appliance maintenance to prevent impacts on air quality. The results of these analyses must appear on the maintenance certificate.

The HCSP draws attention to the cost of appliance maintenance and sweeping, and recommends supporting the system for vulnerable populations (or inhabitants) to improve its application.

For open fireplaces, users will be informed of the impact on indoor air quality and their exposure to toxic substances.

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