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Use of water from the bottom of hillside reservoirs in Mayotte to produce water for human consumption

In the context of the freshwater shortage affecting the department of Mayotte, the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) has issued an opinion on the use of water from the bottom of hillside reservoirs to produce water intended for human consumption (EDCH).

After analysing the technical information received, the HCSP considers that, in view of the foreseeable impact of mixing bottom water with surface water on microbiological and physico-chemical parameters (in particular arsenic, iron, manganese, cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins), the current capacities of the water quality treatment and monitoring systems (raw and treated) do not guarantee total control of health risks.

The HCSP concludes that the benefit/risk ratio is unfavourable and, despite the exceptional situation of water shortage facing the population of Mayotte, therefore advises against the use of water from the bottom of hill reservoirs for the production of EDCH.

The HCSP recommends that the management measures already recommended by experts be implemented without delay and with the necessary resources, with a view to improving and guaranteeing the ongoing production and distribution of EDCH in compliance with current standards.

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