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Avis et rapports du HCSP

Date Support Titre
29/05/2024 Note List of the “a priori” countries among EU and non-EU countries necessitating a temporary contraindication or screening measures related to WNV for donors who have stayed at least one night; season 2024
15/04/2024 Avis Vaccination and body management in the context of cholera in Mayotte
25/01/2024 Avis High Council for Public Health opinion concerning the security of products derived from the human body regarding the risk of transmission of the Usutu virus
21/12/2023 Avis High Council for Public Health opinion concerning proposals for changing the scientific framework relating to the conditions of use, particularly on an exceptional basis, of organs and tissues from donors carrying markers of infection by hepatitis B (HBV
08/11/2023 Avis Action to be taken in the event of the presence of several pesticides and relevant pesticide metabolites in water intended for human consumption
30/10/2023 Avis Use of water from the bottom of hillside reservoirs in Mayotte to produce water for human consumption
20/10/2023 Note Inclusion of Morocco on the list of countries at risk of WNV infection for human body products donation
05/10/2023 Note Biological test in case of cured syphilis in candidates for blood donation
26/09/2023 Avis Use of "disinfectant tablets" in Mayotte in the context of a long-lasting drought episode
07/09/2023 Avis Opinion on what to do in the event of accidents involving exposure to prions and propagons and in the context of care involving invasive procedures
31/08/2023 Avis Opinion regarding the risk of contamination with Strongyloides stercoralis following transplantation of human body products
07/08/2023 Note Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) – Update of the French High Council for Public Health opinion of July 23, 2020
11/07/2023 Avis Referral related to systematic screening for cytomegalovirus in gamete and embryo donors
06/07/2023 Avis Update of the HCSP opinions issued during the Covid-19 health crisis concerning the management of healthcare waste
22/06/2023 Avis Timeliness of a vaccination campaign in Mayotte (shortage of drinking water)
16/06/2023 Avis Funeral risks and respiratory viruses
01/06/2023 Avis New recommendations for sorting healthcare waste in connection with the revision of the national guide on the elimination of waste from healthcare activities
01/06/2023 Avis Opinion regarding the maintenance of combustion appliances and chimney sweeping
20/04/2023 Avis Referral related to prevention measures to be taken due to the risk of transmission of hepatitis E virus (HEV) from donors of products or elements of the human body
06/04/2023 Avis Opinion on the drafting of the National Food, Nutrition and Climate Strategy (SNANC)
28/03/2023 Avis Securing human body products in anticipation of the circulation of the West-Nile virus in metropolitan France
13/01/2023 Avis Statement on measures of security for human body products owing to a human case report of West Nile virus (WNV) infection in mainland France outside the seasonal alert period
30/12/2022 Avis Update of the opinions on the safety of human body products in the fields of transplantation and MPA with regard to Covid-19
16/12/2022 Avis Notice on the mandatory reporting of leptospirosis
21/10/2022 Avis Treatment of sewage sludge in relation to the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
19/10/2022 Avis Securing human body products in the context of the occurrence of autochthonous dengue cases in the south of France
29/07/2022 Avis Canine olfactory screening in the screening strategy of SARS-CoV-2 infection
08/07/2022 Avis Preventive measures against Monkeypox virus infection
21/06/2022 Avis Statement on the coverage of vitamin D and iron requirements of the general population
09/06/2022 Avis Prevention of monkeypox virus transmission through labile blood products, grafts and other human body products and components
09/06/2022 Avis What to do for people at risk of severe Monkeypox virus infection
24/05/2022 Avis What to do after the occurrence of a suspected, probable or confirmed case of Monkeypox virus infection
28/04/2022 Avis Implementation of preventive measures against the transmission of the Ebola virus through human body products and parts
28/04/2022 Avis Measures to prevent the risks associated with the Zika virus and the dengue virus in the field of medically assisted procreation (MPA)
22/04/2022 Avis Health impacts of the possible use of non-conventional water as a substitute for water intended for human consumption
19/04/2022 Avis Sedentary lifestyles and physical activity in the aftermath of a health crisis
15/04/2022 Avis Number of masks, respirators and other personal protective equipment to be kept in State stock
11/04/2022 Avis Use of Evusheld® for pre-exposure prophylaxis of Covid-19
01/04/2022 Avis Prevention of invasive infections in patients treated with complement inhibitors
23/03/2022 Avis Public health issues and health Rendezvous for migrants from conflict zones in Ukraine
18/03/2022 Avis Management of health risks related to pesticides and pesticide metabolites in water intended for human consumption
03/03/2022 Avis Barrier measures and tuberculosis: definition of contacts and case investigation
11/02/2022 Avis Evolution of the doctrine of testing and isolation of cases and contacts in the context of the declining spread of the Omicron variant of Sars-CoV-2
11/02/2022 Avis Update of selection criteria for donors of labile blood products and tissues in the context of a Covid-19 pandemic with a predominant circulation of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2
27/01/2022 Synthèse Avis relatif aux usages et bon usage de la mesure de la santé perçue et de la qualité de vie en France
21/01/2022 Avis Notice relating to the measurement of carbon dioxide in the indoor air of establishments open to the public
18/01/2022 Avis Revision of the dietary guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women
07/01/2022 Avis FFP2 respiratory protective devices for health professionals in the context of the fight against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in relation to the emergence of the Omicron variant (supplement)
23/12/2021 Avis FFP2 respiratory protective devices in the general population to fight against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in relation to the emergence of the Omicron variant
10/12/2021 Avis Statement on the prevention of the transmission of swine and avian influenza viruses to humans
26/11/2021 Avis Report on the benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes
26/11/2021 Avis Report on the benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes
20/10/2021 Avis Management of patients with suspected viral haemorrhagic fever, including Ebola virus disease
08/10/2021 Avis Evaluation of the future 2022-2025 infection and antibiotic resistance prevention strategy
06/08/2021 Avis Strategy for the State’s stock of masks and personal protective equipment
22/07/2021 Avis Measures to prevent the risks associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the field of medically-assisted procreation
06/07/2021 Avis Protection of the population with stable iodine in the event of a nuclear accident
05/07/2021 Avis Statement concerning the management of new situations of exposure to extreme heatwaves - general recommendations
18/06/2021 Avis Covid-19: contact tracing and barrier measures for fully vaccinated persons
17/06/2021 Avis Covid-19: IL1 and IL6 antagonist treatment recommendations
16/06/2021 Avis List of countries at risk of West Nile virus (WNV) transmission for donations of human body products
11/06/2021 Avis Hantavirus infections and risks for donations of human body products
16/05/2021 Avis Covid-19: persistent symptoms post Covid-19
11/05/2021 Avis Occupational activity of persons at risk of severe Covid-19 who have received a full vaccination schedule
03/05/2021 Avis Safety of organ, tissue and cell donations from donors who have been vaccinated for less than one month with an anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine
03/05/2021 Avis Securing donations of human body products against dengue fever in the French West Indies, Reunion Island and Metropolitan France
28/04/2021 Avis Covid-19 : aeration, ventilation and CO2 measurement in Public Accesses Buildings (PAB)
23/04/2021 Avis Covid-19 : Incineration of waste from care activities with infectious risks (WFIW) and rationalisation of WFIW
18/04/2021 Avis Covid-19: strategy for defining measures to allow the reopening of Public Accesses Buildings (PAB)
16/04/2021 Avis Health recommendations 2021 for travellers (for the attention of health professionals)
15/04/2021 Avis Cell, tissue and organ donor selection in response to new SARS-CoV-2 variants
02/04/2021 Avis Covid-19: adaptation of isolation recommendations for professionals in health care institutions or social and medico-social establishments (EMS)
23/03/2021 Avis Covid-19: treatment guidelines: tocilizumab and monoclonal antibodies (updated 23/03/2021)
09/03/2021 Avis Cell, Tissue and Organ Donor Selection in the Context of Pandemic Covid-19
02/03/2021 Avis Covid-19: Organization of prevention in nursing homes (NHs) and in long term care facilities (LTCFs)
01/03/2021 Avis Covid-19: Prioritization of iterative salivary tests
03/02/2021 Avis Covid-19: Monitoring and preventing the spread of new virus variants in health care settings
02/02/2021 Avis Deferral criteria for donors with Covid-19 vaccination
28/01/2021 Avis Recommendations for the sterilization of baby bottles in health care facilities
28/01/2021 Avis Covid-19: treatment recommendations (updated 28/01/2021)
28/01/2021 Rapport Controlling the risk associated with lead in the outdoor environment
20/01/2021 Avis Covid-19: monitoring the spread of new virus variants (supplement)
14/01/2021 Avis Covid-19: monitoring the spread of new virus variants
17/12/2020 Avis Covid-19: Delay in patient’s transfer to a follow-up care service or a nursing home (NH) (additional guidelines)
15/12/2020 Avis Risks of tattooing and tattoo removal products and practices
09/12/2020 Avis Covid-19: Sanitary conditions for the end-of-year celebrations 2020
28/11/2020 Avis Notice concerning the updating of prevention measures against the dengue virus to be applied to products derived from the human body in the Fren
22/11/2020 Avis Covid-19: Evaluation of a strengthened health protocol for shops
13/11/2020 Avis Prophylaxis of invasive meningococcal disease in patients treated with ravulizumab and eculizumab
06/11/2020 Avis Transfusion and transplant safety following indigenous dengue cases
29/10/2020 Avis Covid-19: update of the list of risk factors for severe forms
29/10/2020 Avis Masks in the fight against the spread of SARS-CoV-2
24/10/2020 Avis SARS-CoV-2: Cell, tissue and organ donors
23/10/2020 Avis Covid-19: transfer delay of Covid-19 patients towards follow-up care service or a retirement home
20/10/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: recommendations on barrier measures for physical activity and sport
19/10/2020 Avis Use of dexamethasone and other corticosteroids in Covid-19
14/10/2020 Avis French Guidelines on the Use of Heaters during the Covid-19 Epidemic
14/10/2020 Avis French Guidelines on the Use of Heaters during the Covid-19 Epidemic
11/10/2020 Avis Covid-19 screening strategies in health and medico-social establishments
06/10/2020 Avis Covid-19 : pregnant women and work
25/09/2020 Avis What to do following the discovery of animal tuberculosis with Mycobacterium bovis?
25/09/2020 Avis Notice on post-exposure treatment of rabies
17/09/2020 Avis Covid-19: co-circulation of SARS-CoV-2 and winter viruses
17/09/2020 Avis Covid-19: Complementary recommendations on strategies to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in child care and school settings
17/09/2020 Rapport Statement and report on the in itinere evaluation of the National Public Health Plan
09/09/2020 Avis Covid-19: recommendations on masks within child care settings
28/08/2020 Avis Collective enclosed spaces and Covid-19: mask wearing and possible adaptations at the workplace
23/08/2020 Avis Sports and cultural events: wearing masks to prevent Covid-19
20/08/2020 Avis Covid-19: recommendations for masks in enclosed public spaces
11/08/2020 Avis Covid-19: oropharyngeal swabs and pooling
23/07/2020 Avis SARS-CoV-2: Updates on aerosol transmission of the virus
23/07/2020 Avis Covid-19: people at risk of developing severe forms of the disease
25/06/2020 Avis Covid-19: Remdesivir (updated on 31 May 2020)
22/06/2020 Avis Phase 3 containment lifting for companies
18/06/2020 Avis Managing the Covid-19 epidemic and social inequalities in children’s health, lessons for the future
09/05/2020 Avis Notice concerning the link between smoking and Covid-19
06/05/2020 Avis Statement on management of the Covid-19 epidemic in the event of the population’s exposure to heatwaves
06/05/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: managing the epidemic in the event of heat waves
06/05/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: recommendations relating to textiles, and to footwear and clothing retail outlets
05/05/2020 Avis The Covid-19 epidemic: lifting the lockdown for individuals with disabilities
01/05/2020 Avis Covid-19: bathing water and the use of water from the natural environment
29/04/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: risks linked to the reuse and prolonged wearing of single-use face masks
28/04/2020 Avis Temperature-taking to control access within the context of the Covid-19 epidemic
24/04/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: Barrier and physical distancing measures for the general population
08/04/2020 Avis Statement on the management at home or in a care facility of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients (supplementing the statements dated 5 and
08/04/2020 Avis Statement on the management of waste containing adult incontinence products used by possible, probable and confirmed Covid-19 patients
04/04/2020 Avis Statement on the opportunity for specific cleaning or disinfection of the pavements and public spaces
01/04/2020 Synthèse Elaboration of a tool to characterize a housing in regard with health “Domiscore” Executive summary
31/03/2020 Avis Statement on prevention and management of patients at risk of severe forms of Covid-19 and on priority access to diagnostic tests
31/03/2020 Avis Statement on the protection of waste collection workers during the Covid-19 epidemic
30/03/2020 Avis Statement on support for disabled people during the Covid-19 epidemic and the extended confinement period
30/03/2020 Avis Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: caring for people living in precarious circumstances
24/03/2020 Avis SARS coronavirus-2: safe handling of bodies of deceased persons with suspected or confirmed Covid-19
23/03/2020 Avis SARS-CoV-2: therapeutic recommendations
19/03/2020 Avis Management of clinical waste generated during the COVID-19 epidemic, particularly in the community
17/03/2020 Avis Reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission through ventilation and management of patients’ bodily fluids
16/03/2020 Avis SARS coronavirus-2: clinical criteria for safely ending isolation of infected patients
14/03/2020 Avis Provisional statement: Recommendations on prevention and management of Covid-19 in patients at risk of severe forms
10/03/2020 Avis Provisional statement: Patients at risk of severe forms of Covid-19 and prioritising access to diagnostic tests
05/03/2020 Avis Covid-19: management of confirmed cases
24/02/2020 Avis Maintaining safe donations of blood, cells, tissue and organs while SARS-CoV-2 is actively circulating
24/02/2020 Note Élaboration d’un outil de caractérisation d’un habitat du point de vue de la santé – « Domiscore » Rapport de faisabilité
24/02/2020 Annexe Élaboration d’un outil de caractérisation d’un habitat du point de vue de la santé – « Domiscore » Rapport de faisabilité
24/02/2020 Annexe Élaboration d’un outil de caractérisation d’un habitat du point de vue de la santé – « Domiscore » Rapport de faisabilité
18/02/2020 Avis SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2): cleaning the premises of a confirmed patient and protecting staff
14/06/2019 Avis On the measures for treating patients infected or colonised by Candida auris and on the benefit/risk ratio of prescribing prophylactic antifunga
14/06/2019 Avis Dengue and Chikungunya: measures relating to the safety of blood transfusions and transplants
23/05/2019 Avis West Nile: measures relating to the safety of blood transfusions and transplants
02/05/2019 Synthèse Benchmarks for managing indoor air quality for formaldehyde
02/05/2019 Rapport Benchmarks for managing indoor air quality for formaldehyde
02/05/2019 Avis Benchmarks for managing indoor air quality for formaldehyde
09/04/2019 Rapport Indications of non-pharmaceutical interventions to control the spread of transmissible infectious diseases
22/03/2019 Avis Statement on 2019 health recommendations for travellers (for the attention of health professionals)
28/02/2019 Avis Statement on the screening for urogenital schistosomiasis in populations visiting the rivers Cavu and Solenzara in south Corsica
20/11/2018 Rapport Critical analysis of the draft National Strategy on Endocrine Disruptors 2 (SNPE2) and proposal of result indicators
07/09/2018 Avis Management of clusters of invasive Kingella kingae infections in daycare facilities for children
07/09/2018 Avis Indications for monoclonal antibody and antiviral treatment on a preventive and curative basis in health workers exposed to the Ebola virus
22/06/2018 Avis Development of recommendations to authorize the release of irradiated sterile mosquitoes for the purposes of vector control
22/06/2018 Avis Preventive measures via immunization against the Ebola virus of individuals likely to come into contact with patients at risk of transmission
18/05/2018 Avis Use of primaquine as a radical treatment for P. vivax and P. ovale malaria in France
18/05/2018 Avis Determination of an endemic threshold for tuberculosis
18/05/2018 Avis Establishment of compulsory declaration of MERS-CoV infections
17/05/2018 Rapport Evaluation of the 2013-2017 national patient safety programme
29/04/2018 Rapport Protecting workers and persons living next to sites where titanium dioxide nanoparticles are produced or processed
23/04/2018 Avis Statement on the management strategy through a major measles outbreak within France
26/03/2018 Avis Statement on scientific and technical support relating to the recast of amended Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption
16/03/2018 Avis Statement on the use of primaquine for altruistic purposes against Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Mayotte
16/03/2018 Avis Prescription of antivirals in cases of seasonal influenza
08/02/2018 Avis Statement on the assessment of the health strategy for persons placed under judicial control (PPJC
22/12/2017 Rapport Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases (ADRD)
21/12/2017 Avis Statement on the medical care provided for and the monitoring of new-borns and infants having been exposed to the Zika virus in utero or present
29/11/2017 Avis Statement on the referral dated 6 November 2017 on the draft for the French National Health Strategy
13/10/2017 Avis Polioviruses and their potential introduction on lists of transmissible infections requiring or prohibiting certain funerary operations
13/09/2017 Avis “Altruistic” use of Primaquine and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in French Guiana
12/09/2017 Rapport For a public health nutrition policy in France. PNNS 2017-2021
08/09/2017 Rapport Statement on the National Health Strategy: Contribution of the French High Council for Public Health
27/06/2017 Avis Information update on the risk of Borrelia transmission via labile blood products and grafts
21/06/2017 Avis Medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sports for children, following Decree no.2016-1157 of 24 August 2016
23/05/2017 Avis Additional information regarding the measures to control the spread of emergent highly-resistant bacteria (eHRB) recommended in the opinion of the French HCPH of 27 September 2016 in view of the emergence of a plasmid mediated (mcr-1) colistin resistance in Enterobacteriaceae
13/03/2017 Rapport Territorial Hospital Groups and public health
16/02/2017 Avis Statement related to the revision of the 2017-2021 French Nutrition and Health Programme’s dietary guidelines for adults
06/12/2016 Avis Microbiological diagnosis of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae or colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae carrying the mcr-1 gene
01/12/2016 Rapport Proposal of targets and indicators concerning the expected outcomes of the 3rd National Environmental Health Action Plan
27/09/2016 Avis Measures to be taken with regard to the emergence of a plasmid-mediated resistance to (mcr-1) colistin in Enterobacteriaceae
28/04/2016 Avis Information and recommendations to be issued with a view to preventing health risks associated with allergenic pollen
22/02/2016 Avis Opinion concerning the risks and benefits in the use of electronic cigarettes by the general population
25/06/2015 Avis On information regarding the nutritional quality of foodstuffs
04/12/2014 Avis Management of health-care worker (HCW) in care settings who are victims of an AEB/AEV from a patient who is a confirmed index case of Ebola virus disease
08/07/2014 Avis Booster vaccination against poliomyelitis for some travellers in the context of the current public health emergency declared by the WHO
23/05/2014 Synthèse Lead exposure: determination of new risk management objectives
25/04/2014 Avis Opinion concerning the risks and benefits in the use of electronic cigarettes by the general population
15/11/2013 Avis Public health messages to be issued during episodes of pollution by particles, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and/or sulphur dioxide
06/02/2013 Synthèse Indicators of "premature" and "avoidable" mortality
19/01/2013 Synthèse Evaluation of the second national environmental health action plan - summary and recommendations
21/12/2012 Avis Simplification of the French vaccination schedule
13/04/2012 Synthèse Particulate matter in outdoor air pollution : Summary and recommendations for protecting health
20/02/2012 Synthèse Mid-term evaluation of the 2009-2013 cancer plan
07/12/2011 Avis Health policies in schools - Summary and recommendations for promoting students’ health
02/12/2011 Avis Defining indications for the unavoidable use of sterile bottles and teats when feeding hospitalised infants and newborns
18/11/2011 Avis Difficulties of producing solvent/detergent-treated plasma and on the arrangements for best meeting national therapeutic plasma needs
21/10/2011 Synthèse Towards a global and integrated patient safety policy: Principles and recommendations
14/06/2011 Synthèse Prevention of the healthcare worker-to-patient HBV, HCV, HIV transmission
15/03/2011 Synthèse Evaluation of the National Program for improving pain management 2006 - 2010
04/02/2011 Synthèse Evaluation of the plan for preserving antibiotic efficacy 2007 - 2010
21/12/2010 Synthèse Évaluation des risques sanitaires dans les analyses de zone. Utilité, lignes méthodologiques et interprétation - Annexe 4 - International workshop synthesis english version
21/12/2010 Rapport Health risk assessment in zone analyses. Utility, methodological issues and interpretation
09/12/2010 Synthèse Assessment of the French National Plan on Healthy Ageing 2007-2009. Synthesis and recommendations
02/02/2010 Rapport Recommendations relating to measures to be implemented to prevent the emergence of ESBL enterobacteriacae and fight against their spread Proposals written up from the point of view of defining a national prevention programme
12/11/2009 Synthèse Report on Therapeutic education within primary care - Synthesis and recommendations
17/03/2009 Synthèse Assessment of National Rare Diseases Plan 2005-2008. Synthesis - April 2009
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