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Avis et rapports du HCSP

Date Support Titre
23/05/2017 Avis Additional information regarding the measures to control the spread of emergent highly-resistant bacteria (eHRB) recommended in the opinion of the French HCPH of 27 September 2016 in view of the emergence of a plasmid mediated (mcr-1) colistin resistance in Enterobacteriaceae
06/12/2016 Avis Microbiological diagnosis of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae or colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae carrying the mcr-1 gene
01/12/2016 Rapport Proposal of targets and indicators concerning the expected outcomes of the 3rd National Environmental Health Action Plan
27/09/2016 Avis Measures to be taken with regard to the emergence of a plasmid-mediated resistance to (mcr-1) colistin in Enterobacteriaceae
28/04/2016 Avis Information and recommendations to be issued with a view to preventing health risks associated with allergenic pollen
22/02/2016 Avis Opinion concerning the risks and benefits in the use of electronic cigarettes by the general population
25/06/2015 Avis On information regarding the nutritional quality of foodstuffs
04/12/2014 Avis Management of health-care worker (HCW) in care settings who are victims of an AEB/AEV from a patient who is a confirmed index case of Ebola virus disease
08/07/2014 Avis Booster vaccination against poliomyelitis for some travellers in the context of the current public health emergency declared by the WHO
23/05/2014 Synthèse Lead exposure: determination of new risk management objectives
25/04/2014 Avis Opinion concerning the risks and benefits in the use of electronic cigarettes by the general population
15/11/2013 Avis Public health messages to be issued during episodes of pollution by particles, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and/or sulphur dioxide
06/02/2013 Synthèse Indicators of "premature" and "avoidable" mortality
19/01/2013 Synthèse Evaluation of the second national environmental health action plan - summary and recommendations
21/12/2012 Avis Simplification of the French vaccination schedule
13/04/2012 Synthèse Particulate matter in outdoor air pollution : Summary and recommendations for protecting health
20/02/2012 Synthèse Mid-term evaluation of the 2009-2013 cancer plan
07/12/2011 Avis Health policies in schools - Summary and recommendations for promoting students’ health
02/12/2011 Avis Defining indications for the unavoidable use of sterile bottles and teats when feeding hospitalised infants and newborns
18/11/2011 Avis Difficulties of producing solvent/detergent-treated plasma and on the arrangements for best meeting national therapeutic plasma needs
21/10/2011 Synthèse Towards a global and integrated patient safety policy: Principles and recommendations
14/06/2011 Synthèse Prevention of the healthcare worker-to-patient HBV, HCV, HIV transmission
15/03/2011 Synthèse Evaluation of the National Program for improving pain management 2006 - 2010
04/02/2011 Synthèse Evaluation of the plan for preserving antibiotic efficacy 2007 - 2010
21/12/2010 Synthèse Évaluation des risques sanitaires dans les analyses de zone. Utilité, lignes méthodologiques et interprétation - Annexe 4 - International workshop synthesis english version
21/12/2010 Rapport Health risk assessment in zone analyses. Utility, methodological issues and interpretation
09/12/2010 Synthèse Assessment of the French National Plan on Healthy Ageing 2007-2009. Synthesis and recommendations
02/02/2010 Rapport Recommendations relating to measures to be implemented to prevent the emergence of ESBL enterobacteriacae and fight against their spread Proposals written up from the point of view of defining a national prevention programme
12/11/2009 Synthèse Report on Therapeutic education within primary care - Synthesis and recommendations
17/03/2009 Synthèse Assessment of National Rare Diseases Plan 2005-2008. Synthesis - April 2009
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